About Us


Hello, thank you for visiting our website. Our names are Kevin and Margie Bishop. We have been married since May 2006. Margie became a follower of Christ at the age of 16 years on a youth retreat. While I gave my life to Christ at the age of 24 on a men’s retreat that I was invited to.

We have been members of First Baptist Church in Union NJ (FBC) for over 12 years. We were both volunteers in youth ministry at FBC. I began to sense God’s calling to be in full time ministry when I was about 28 years. After the approval of that calling by our home church FBC, I began attending seminary part time at Philadelphia Biblical University in Langhorne, PA. Then two years later I transferred to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville KY. I graduated from Southern in 2012 with a Master of Divinity.   

Margie is also working on her Master’s in Biblical Counseling at Southern Theological Seminary.

 I also served as a lay elder at FBC for about 8 years. As elder I thought Sunday School, preached about 5 times a year, and was a member of the worship team. I was also served in the leadership team at North Jersey Network of Churches (the Southern Baptist Local Association) for about 5 years. I assisted in provided pulpit supply and was a member of the finance team.

In the position of elder, Margie has come alongside me as a great support providing wisdom, having an open hospitable home and going with me to do hospital visits.

In 2011, Margie and I went on a short term mission’s trip hosted by Southern Seminary to Costa Rica. There the team provided theological training to pastors and church leaders. It was there where we sensed that God’s calling on our lives was to be full time missionaries.  When we returned to New Jersey we shared our calling with our home church. Our calling was later approved by FBC our home church. FBC is now not only our home church but, our sending church. Our mission’s agency is Reaching and Teaching International Ministries (RTIM). The primary goal of RTIM is to provide theological training to Pastors and Church Leaders who pastoring churches in foreign countries but do not have any theological training.

Margie and I are serving as missionaries providing theological training and discipleship to Pastors and Church Leaders in Ecuador. We will primarily be working with the Kichwa indigenous Community in Imbabura Province just two hours north of the Quito the capital of Ecuador. For more information about Imbabura province click here. We will also be hosting churches, individual families, groups of friends or even individuals who desire to come Ecuador, learn about it’s rich culture, improve your Spanish (if this is a personal goal) and to use your gifts and skills to assist those in need. For more information on these trips please click on the “Come on a short term mission’s trip”.

Margie enjoys looking for a good bargain and I enjoy cycling.



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