Ecuadorian Foods

In Ecuadorian culture the food varies from region to region meaning the coastal region, Andes Mountains and the Amazonian sector. Also within those regions there is a wide selection due to the different indigenous people groups, Afro-Ecuadorian and Mestizos.  In almost every major town and some times even small ones, there is a specialty dish.

Generally speaking the coastal region of Ecuador is know for its fish dishes and tropical fruits. The in the  Andes,  fritadas a dish of cubed pork is very popular. Also there are many mom and pop bakeries that bake fresh bread many times throughout the day. In the Amazon region fish cooked in banana leaves called Maito de pescado is popular.

There are also many exotic dishes like chontacuro, a type of tree worm, and cuye or guinea pig.

Below are some pictures of foods we have eaten:

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