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Up coming Short Term Missions Trip:

August 3rd-10th, 2018: Somerset Hills Baptist Church, NJ,  Location: PVM Ecuador Activities: Light Construction and backyard bible clubs for kids

September 8th- September 15th 2018: Various Pastors Location: PVM Ecuador Activities: Theological Education PVM Institute



Coming to Ecuador on a short term mission’s trip is a great way to put your spiritual, natural and professional gifts into practical use. It is also a great way to broaden your understanding of how God is working in a different part of the world and to experience a rich, warm and very diverse culture ranging from indigenous communities, Mestizo and Afro-Ecuadorian.

Ecuador in general is a very safe place and the people are usually very open to the gospel. You do not need to know Spanish to take part in a short term missions trips because Margie and I are fluent in Spanish. We can also hire translators for large groups if there is a need.

Each mission’s trips can be customized to the size and skills of your group. Trips can range from 8 -14 days for groups, with time built in for exploration and experiencing this amazing culture. We are also open to individuals who desire to come work alongside us for up to 4 weeks while improving their Spanish speaking skills.

Every type of spiritual gift and personal skills can be used here in Ecuador. We kindly ask that you be mindful to share your gifts and skills with the love of Christ (1 Cor 13) and having a teachable spirit. Below is a sample of practical ways to express your gifts and talents:

Theological Training to Pastors and/or church leaders. Medical teams
Teaching English workshops to children Music Ministry
Vocational Bible School Ministering to the elderly
Working with your hands: Mid – Light Construction Church and Community projects Agriculture/farming
Evangelism Church Planting
Prayer walking Cooking
Business Skills: Business Management/Accounting/Marketing/ Graphic Design/ Computer skills Marriage Seminars based on biblical principles
Women’s Ministry (HIGH NEED) Youth Ministry
Children’s Ministry Sports Camps
Vision Trips for churches and perspective missionaries Men’s Ministry

To find out more information or to speak to us about coming on a missions trip please contact us at:

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